Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Last month we went to celebrate Steve & Ginny's wedding which was held in Guernsey. The whole ceremony was organised to perfection. The bride looked absolutely gorgeous, brides maids looked stunning and groom looked really well too. The wedding was in a lovely church and the reception in St. Pierre Park Hotel (the same hotel we were staying in). If anyone is planning to go to Guernsey than I can totally recommend this hotel. The hotel has all important facilities like swimming pool, gym, golf course, shops, hairdressers and a lovely park with a lake for some romantic walks. There is some pictures from that lovely day for you to have a look at.
Just in case any of you wanders I bough this dress here
The reception was fabulous! I absolutely loved table centerpieces.

4 komentarze:

  1. piękne zdjęcia:) a maluch przesłodki:)!

  2. Ibas muy guapa! :)

    Besiitos desde amayaT.!

  3. rzeczywiście sukienkę miałaś cudowną :) a mały istny słodziak :)

    1. Dziekuje slicznie. Kuba jest na etapie wkladania wszystkiego do buzi, wiec na kazdym zdjeciu sie zakrywa.