Friday, 14 September 2012

I want to show you guys some recent pictures of my little son and our last trip to Scarborough. The place is truly amazing. We went there just for one day to relax on the beach, have some fresh and delicious fish and discover one of many gorgeous seasides we have got in UK. We are really blessed to have so many nice places to visit and look around, that's why me and my husband are National Trust members for the last several years. 
We had lots of fun on Sunday. My little boy really enjoyed blowing bubbles, walking on the warm sand, building sand castles with mummy and destroying them with daddy. 

You can see a Scarborough Castle on top of the hill. Brilliant place to build a castle. Can you imagine view from any of the windows? 

2 komentarze:

  1. ohhh przepiękne zdjęcia! wyglądacie razem cudownie:) maluszek dzielnie już chodzi:) pewnie ani się nie obrócę a mój też już będzie śmigał:)

    1. Kubus ma dopiero 5 miesiecy, wiec jeszcze sam nie chodzi, ale ten czas tak szybko leci, ze ani sie nie obejze a bedzie biegal po domu i wyciagal wszystko z szafek. Pozdrawiam :)