Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Last weekend we went to London to visit my cousin and his lovely wife. They visited us so many times that they said that if we are not going to visit them than they are not going to come any more :) Blakmail worked really well and we enjoyed ourselves very much. On Saturday we went to see Greenwich and Canary Wharf and the center.On Sunday we decided to go to see exhibition of real butterlies but we never got there. Instead we went to see St. Paul's Cathedral, Tower Bridge, London Eye and watch London Marathon.
Big Ben on Saturday
St Paul's Cathedral
It was Palm Sunday so before we went to see St. Paul's Cathedral from inside we had to wait for the celebrations to finish. There were loats of children with palm leafs, a chorus singing autside cathedral and two donkeys which didn't really want to get inside the church.
 Millenium Bridge
I love the smell of honey roasted almonds and waffles in the air. It makes the atmosphere even more special and makes you belly scream from hanger.
Tower Bridge

It was the first time I went on the double decker bus in London. It is a great tradition and irreplaceable tourist attraction.
Later we went to a Chinks restaurant with view on the Tower Bridge. I had lovely noodles with prawns and sweet sauce.

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